Fall 2023 Registration

Tuition Pay Schedule

Full year tuition is $900 if paid monthly in 9 installments of $100 each due on the 1st of each month (August – May). Payments made online will include bank fees for online payments.

Full year tuition is $850 if paid in full or 2 payments of $425 each prior to the beginning of each semester.

There is a multi-child discount of 15% off per child after first full tuition.

Late payments incur a 3% additional fee cumulative for every month they are late.

You MUST be current with this year’s tuition before registering for classes this Spring.

Book fees average $150-$250 depending on the cost of books, classes and electives. No discounts are available on book fees.

Due to limited space we can only guarantee the first 100 students in-person classes. We are outgrowing our facilities and do not want to inconvenience anyone with cramped quarters. We have decided to create an invitation system for those existing students to the following year. The invitation is as follows: Students who complete their assignments, participate with a positive attitude, and fulfill their financial obligations will be invited to return the following year. This will help us provide space for those who really want to participate in Growing in Grace.

Your registration fee holds your spot for the 2023-2024 school year. Spots become available throughout the year for various reasons and saving your place on the waiting list will increase your odds of attendance. We will do everything we can to add space and students to the facility through scheduling and innovation.

Male siblings may attend virtually and if your daughter is not eligible for an in-person attendance we can extend that opportunity to her as well. However virtual classes are never the first choice. Virtual students do not get the attention, instruction or relational ties that in-person students receive. Each opportunity is examined on a case by case basis. Virtual students have the same opportunity and responsibility for participating in graduation as in-person students.

Registration Fee

Please pay the below registration fee to hold your child’s spot for the 2023/2024 school year. Please adjust the quantity below for each of your children attending Growing in Grace. There is a $10 late registration fee for students after June 15th.


Submit a registration form below once you have paid the registration fee.

Current students scroll to the bottom of the form and submit.


Complete the below survey of previous courses. The survey responses will be used to create a schedule for your child. After registration you will be given an opportunity to fill in details of their transcript for 9th grade and above as needed.