Spring 2024 Registration

Our Fall semester is currently filled and we no longer have physical space for new students. However if you would like to enroll your student virtually with the opportunity to join in person if the space arises, please submit the following form and pay your registration fee.

Tuition Pay Schedule

Monthly InstallmentsSemester Payment
1 Student$100(5)$450
2 Students$185(5) 15% discount$875
3 Students$270(5)$1,300
4 Students$355(5)$1,725
Monthly Payments are due by the 1st of each month beginning in August. Semester installments are due before the start date of each semester. Annual payments are due before the start date of the first semester.

Late payments incur a 3% additional fee cumulative for every month they are late.

You MUST be current with this year’s tuition before registering for classes this Spring.

Book fees average $150-$250 depending on the cost of books, classes and electives. No discounts are available on book fees.

Due to limited space we can only guarantee the first 100 students in-person classes. Current students are given first opportunity for the following year. Brothers may attend virtually only. Fees are listed below.

Monthly Installments
$25 (1st class)
$15 (each additional class)
Virtual students are invited to attend family field trips, dances, and walk in the graduation ceremony.

Your registration fee holds your spot for the 2024-2025 school year. In person attendance becomes available throughout the year for various reasons and you will be contacted if an opening becomes available.

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Parent/Guardian Information


Student Information

Enter 0 if student does not have a cell phone.
What type of educational path do you desire for your student?
The general education path does NOT prepare students to take the ACT. It is the minimum required for graduation.
Which attendance is your preference?
New students must complete the below section about their transcript. To schedule your student it is important that we know how many and which credits they have already successfully completed. All schedules will be built from this information. Once courses are approved, schedules will not be changed.
Which subjects will your student take with GIG?
If your student has completed other high school courses that receive credit, please enter them above in this format “9th-Botany (A+).”
Price: $ 52.00
This non refundable fee reserves your student’s place in our registration roll. Registration is completed on a first come first serve basis with current students receiving priority. If all available spots are taken, you will be given the option to take classes virtually. All male students are virtual students. By submitting this form you agree to abide by the policies of the school found on this website should your student attend in person.